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From Our CEO

Wishing that staffing business may attain an honorable position in society.

22 years have passed as of March 6, 2008 since Opinion Co., Ltd. was established. We were able to start publishing our magazine specialized in the temporary staffing industry "Monthly Temporary Staffing" or GEKKAN JINZAI BUSINESS along with the Workers Dispatch Law which was enforced in 1986, and to expand our business including planning and operating a wide variety of seminars, operating our own temporary job board, and providing other supporting services to our clients and customers thanks to strong demand and support from the industry.

On the other hand, we established another company "OPN Co., Ltd." to strengthen our sales department. To make a fresh start, we consolidated the company with Opinion Co., Ltd. On February 1st 2008.

Our main businesses are: 1) Publication including our monthly magazine; 2) HR business training and seminars; 3) business managament consulting, 4) operation of our own internet job board (HAKEN JOB); and 5) operation of Staff Care Salon to take care of troubles and complaints shared by agency temporaries.

Our mainstay magazine “Monthly Temporary Staffing” was first published in July 1986. At that time, its main contents were about temporary staffing business. Later, along with deregulations and diversification of employment, temporary staffing business has expanded to a broader business including placement and HR outsourcing. Thus, we renamed the magazine to “Monthly Staffing Business” in 1995. Since we sell our magazine based on direct distribution, we keep strong connections with our end users.

We hope to establish good relationships among staffing companies, client companies and workers. As well as in establishing consensus among relevant organizations, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, prefectural labor bureaus, and public employment services by providing worthy information. Furthermore, we sincerely hope staffing business will prosper in the Japanese industries and attain an honorable position in society.

Kazuo Miura

About Our CEO, Kazuo Miura.

Born in 1947 in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.
After graduating from Waseda Graduate School of Political Science,he joined The Mainichi Newspapers in 1975 and worked as a city news reporter at its Tokyo Head Office.
He established Opinion Co., Ltd., in March 1986 after resigning the Mainichi Newspapers. In July of the same year, he published the first issue of our monthly magazine "GEKKAN JINZAI BUSINESS." He is also known as a prominent and voluminous author in the staffing industry.