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Our History

We have been involved in supportive product development and consulting service as well as publishing our monthly magazine since the establishment in 1986. We are a "concierge" of the staffing business.

We started up our business in a studio apartment in Akasaka, Tokyo.

Opinion Co., Ltd., was established on March 6, 1986. It was born in a studio apartment in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. The initial capital was 4million yen (Approx. US$39,000). The founder is Kazuo Miura.

He rushed to form a company so that he could launch a specialized magazine in temporary staffing because the original Workers Dispatch Law was going to be enforced on July 1, 1986. His idea was that there should be a specialized medium for a new industry.

Inaugural preparatory issues made block buster hits.

In the end of April of the same year, “The Special Issue: Details of Government and Ministerial Ordinances,” the first inaugural preparatory issue of “Monthly Temporary Staffing” was established. In the middle of May, the second preparatory issue “Examples of License Applications” was established in succession. These issues were aired on NHK’s “Life and Economy (KURASHI TO KEIZAI),” and they individually sold about 10,000 issues. We were able to first publish our “Monthly Temporary Staffing” on the same day as the enforcement of the law. To make a timely and successful launch of a new medium, Kazuo Miura, the founder, had worked very hard with only one part-timer for 4 months since the company start-up.

At the head office of Manpower Japan (at that time), when we interviewed the CEO of AFJ Finaty &a Manpower Japan Co., Ltd. for the premier issue of "Monthly Temporary Staffing"in 1986.

Subscription grows among The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (The Ministry of Labor at that time), public employment services and overseas.

But, publishing business was not easy. We had experienced severe times due to our limited capital. Some concerned temporary staffing companies supported us. We started to gain their trust gradually. Soon after, the Ministry of Labor (at that time) had considered us as an essential medium for the industry in the spring of 1988 and the Employment Security Bureau and main employment services in the country had started subscribing our magazine. In the fall of the same year, we welcomed delegation from Korean staffing companies which were expecting similar legislation there. It triggered growth in subscription overseas.

Revamping our magazine with a keen awareness of global trends.

In the middle of 1990s, we obtained information that the International Labor Organization would carry out a fundamental reform of its international conventions in a few years. Until then, employment services had been exclusively allowed to the public entities of the member countries, but we had a sense that they should be open to the private sector so that such services might be more efficient with cooperation between the public and the private. If so, the temporary staffing business would be shifted toward deregulation. That’s why, in August 1995, we have renamed our magazine from “Monthly Temporary Staffing” to “Monthly Staffing Business” with a view of the future change.

Starting an internet medium service “HAKEN JOB”

It was November 1999 that the BIGLOBE HQ on NEC offered us a proposal to operate a website to offer temporary jobs to jobseekers on the website in collaboration. We accepted the offer since we were seeking for an idea on how we could start a new business in the new era of internet, and we launched “LAVORO” (which means “work” in Italian) in March 2000. We later relabeled “LAVORO” to “HAKEN JOB.” It has gradually gained strength.

Enhancing our business and service by consolidating the group companies.

On April 15, 2001, we established OPN Co., Ltd. as an affiliated company of OPINION group. The main businesses of OPN had been sales of “Monthly Staffing Business,” planning and operation of various business seminars, operation and sales of our internet and supporting service for temporary jobs “HAKEN JOB until we consolidated the group companies on Feburary 1st 2008. Now we are enhancing our business and services as the new "Opinion."